Regina D.
Very interesting flavors and very tasty. The boba was very fresh too, which I always appreciate. I would definitely try their other flavors and get it again.
Carla M.
Awesome and amazing boba drink and it is really good. Owners are super nice and great. Not sure about the negative review. The picture of the person who posted a negative review, the drink she had didn't look like from Boba Flip since Boba Flip's drinks have a cover on the top and all the drinks I order, the boba is always on the bottom. The person who posted a negative review, the boba was on top. Also it is sooo tiny inside so it is impossible for kids to be running. There is no place to run LOL! Check it out so see how tiny but super cute the place is. Also place is super clean! Don't forget to input your cell number or email for the rewards!!
Evelyn G.
Yes I definitely love love love this place! The drinks are fabulous and the service is top notch too! Very welcoming and customer service is a plus! It's a family that owns and runs the business too! From the time you place your order to the time you get it it's less than 5 minutes max! The place is small but they have a few stools inside and outside while you are waiting! If you haven't tried them yet please do you won't be disappointed!
Harold Park
They finally opened. The downtown Brea area now has a boba shop. In a matter of seconds I can now onewheel to get some boba. Good news for my mental health, bad news for my wallet. Thank you Price is reasonable considering it's in Brea. I will be back for more tasty milk tea!
Jolene “Goofy goober”
Super friendly people, and amazing mango smoothie boba. My son loved his brownie swirl boba. Definitely recommend!!
Josie Eugenio
Best Boba by far. Best service ever!
Cynthia Vargas
Highly recommend Boba Flip! One of the best boba drinks I’ve had!! Not only are they super cute, but taste amazing! Excellent customer service as well.
boba so lit real fr def a need to survive supa dupa extreme fire flavor man so flippin boba good
Paulette M.
Found a new go-to boba spot. I love supporting a family owned small business. The service was good, boba was solid, and the tea was perfect! Waited a little bit, but that's okay. They just opened so be patient for your drink I'll be coming back to support because I just moved to Brea! I'll make sure to come to tell my friends/family.
April S.
My brother came to try this new place ... I had an iced matcha green tea... LOVED IT!!! it was perfect! not powdery, not thick, just perfect! Service was fast and super friendly! so welcoming... can't wait to try more!!!